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High Park Club Fees Schedule

Membership fees cover the season from May 1, 2021 to April 30, 2022.

Membership Fees

  • House Fees
  • Tennis Fees
  • Curling Fees - Adults
  • Curling Fees - Youth
  • Other Fees

House Fee

All adult members are charged a House Fee and Capital Levy. Curling and Tennis members will also be billed for individual sections.

Fee Type Fee Total (including HST)
House Membership $150.00 $169.50
Capital Levy $100.00 $113.00
Captial Levy (House and Youth Members) $50.00 $57.50

Tennis Fees

New tennis members will be charged an initiation fee.
For curling members who become tennis members, the initiation fee will be reduced by 50% (must have been a curling member for at least the full previous season).


  Fee OTA Fee Subtotal HST Included
Annual Tennis Fee $480.00 $10.00 $490.00 $553.70
Initiation Fee $1,500.00 - $1,500.00 $1,695.00
Initiation Fee (Curling Member) $750.00 - $750.00 $847.50
Capital Levy $100.00   $100.00 $113.00

Curling Fees – Adults

Curling fees will be charged per registered league in August prior to the season start. High Park Club offers the following leagues (please see Curling Sections for information on each league):

Prime Time Sections Social Sections Weekday Sections
Sunday Open Friday Social Monday Day Open (Teachers)
Monday Men Saturday Social Tuesday Day Open
Tuesday Mixed Sunday Recreational Wednesday Day Men
Wednesday Women   Thursday Morning Ladies
Thursday Men   Thursday Day Women


First League Fee

First League Fee OCA Fee Subtotal Total (Inc. HST)
Prime Time $380.00 TBD $400.00 TBD
Social (excl. Saturday Social Mixed) $295.00 TBD $315.00 TBD
Saturday Social Mixed $255.00 TBD $275.00 TBD
Weekday $90.00 TBD $110.00 TBD
Students (18-25) $185.00 TBD $205.00 TBD

For members registered in multiple leagues, the first league fee will be for the highest priced league.
Students must show proof of full-time enrollment with a post-secondary institution.


Additional League Fees

Additonal League Fee Total (incl. HST)
Prime Time $205.00 $231.65
Saturday Social $155.00 $175.15
Social $155.00 $175.15
Weekday $135.00 $152.55
Student (18 to 25) $100.00 $113.00

For current tennis members, all curling fees will be charged at the additional league fee rates.

Prize Funds

Prize Fund fees will be charged per registered Prime Time and Social League. Prize Fund amounts are at the discretion of each Section Committee, subject to change and charged by February 1st of the current curling season.
Prime Time Prize Fund
(19/20 season)
Social Prize Fund
(19/20 season)
Sunday Open TBD Friday Mixed TBD
Monday Men TBD Saturday Mixed TBD
Tuesday Mixed TBD Sunday Recreational TBD
Wednesday Women TBD    
Thursday Men TBD    

Curling Fees - Youth

League Fee OCA Fee Subtotal Total (inc. HST)
U21, U18, and U15 TBD TBD TBD TBD

A prize fund fee of $25.00 will be charged to each youth curling member.

Other Fees

Fee Type Applicability Fee Total (inc. HST)
Food Minimum Curling members in Prime Time or Social Leagues are charged a food minimum twice per season:
1) September to January 31
2) February 1 to April (Finals Weekend)

The food minimum total is $80.00 plus HST per member. The applicable fee is based on the lesser of:
a) $40.00 per half season, or
b) the unspent amount on caterer-prepared food per half season.

Food minimum amounts are at the discretion of the Board of Directors and are subject to change prior to September 1st of the current curling season.
Locker Rental Based on availability - priority will be given to returning members. TBD TBD
Adult Competition Fee OCA membership with practice privileges.  TBD TBD
Youth Competition Fee OCA membership with practice privileges.  TBD TBD