Mixed Tuesday Evenings Playoff Rules



There are 24 teams in the section this year. The teams ranked from 1 to 16 in the season-long Aggregate will play for the Mixed Competitive Championship while the teams ranked from 17 to 24 will play in the Trophy event.

The Championship will be run as a traditional double knockout event with the “A” winner being declared Club Champion.  There will also be “B”, “C”’ and “D” event winners.  The Trophy will be run as an 8-team single knockout event leading to a Trophy Event Champion.

The team with the higher seeding will have the choice of hammer or rock colour for all playoff games.

There are no time rules for any playoff games.

Team Composition:

  1. All listed play-off members must be Mixed Competitive members as of February 1st.
  2. A team must have a minimum of two original members with at least one playing a back end position to be eligible for the Championship (*Appeals may be made to the Drawmaster under extraordinary conditions but must be done in a timely manner).
  3. All teams must try to ensure there are four persons for every game.
  4. A team may play only one game (in the Main or “A” event) with three players.

Sparing Rules:

  1. Any member of a team entry section (Tuesday Mixed Competitive, Sunday Open, Wednesday Women’s, Monday or Thursday Men’s) may spare in the playoffs.  Designated skips and vices from outside sections may only play back end positions (designation lists will be posted in the Draw room).
  2. Any member of a team in the Trophy Event may spare in the Main Events (“A”, “B”, “C” and “D”) as well as compete in the Trophy Event).
  3. Any member of a team in the Main Events may spare for another team but not within the same bracket (e.g. a member playing in the “D” event may spare in the “A”, “B” or “C” events but not in the “D” event).
  4. Listed skips may only spare in a back-end position.
  5. Listed vices may spare at any position other than lead.
  6. Listed front-end players may spare at any position.
  7. Listed fifths can play in any position for their own team.
  8. The committee will determine the positions which fifths may occupy while sparing for other teams.
  9. Fifths not playing for their own team in any given draw may spare for another team but may not play twice in one night in the same event.
  10. A Tuesday Mixed Competitive member may spare any number of times for any number of teams.