Women's Regular Season Rules


Regular Season Play 2018-2019

 1.     OCA RULES - Games are played in accordance with the current rules of the Ontario Curling Association, including the Free Guard Zone, or five-rock rule.

 2.     SCHEDULING – Teams should be on the ice at 6:40 pm for the early draw or at 8:50 pm for the late draw. At their discretion, the committee may decide to extend the finish time (See CLOCK RULE #8) by up to 10 minutes beyond the normal CLOCK RULE time due to extenuating circumstances such as extreme inclement weather or traffic conditions causing a significant number of curlers to be late.

The official draw will be posted on the club website: www.highparkclub.com and also in the Drawroom of the club.  Skips are responsible for notifying their respective teammates of the start time of the next game in the case of a new series.

3.     Each game shall be a maximum of 8 ends. In the event that ice conditions deem it necessary for the ice surface to be scraped during a game, then an extra 10 minutes will be allotted. Teams who are affected should notify the Drawmaster.  Note: scraping of the ice should only be done at the completion of an end.

4.     TEAM COMPOSITION – Each team shall consist of four curlers. A team may play a game with three curlers, but at least two registered members of the team must be present to make the game official.

5.     SPARES - Spares may be substituted directly for the absent team member if the team so desires.

6.     Curlers who arrive late may join the game at the beginning of an end.

7.     A team that does not have 3 players on the ice by 6:50 pm (9:00 pm for the 2nd draw) will concede the first end and forfeit 1 point, plus also give up the hammer in the second end. If a team is 20 minutes late (i.e. 7:00 pm or 9:10 pm for the 2nd draw), they forfeit 2 points, the first and second ends, and last rock advantage in the third end.  The team arriving late is responsible for scoring the forfeited points noted above. Teams must be on the ice by 7:10 pm (9:20 pm for the late draw) or else the game will result in a default.

8.     CLOCK RULE: No more than two ends may be completed after 8:20pm (or in the event that the Committee extends the 6:40 PM start time, 100 minutes after the delayed start time.) If the last rock of the sixth end is released before the clock shows 8:21 PM then eight ends may be played. If the sixth end is otherwise still in progress when the clock reads 8:21 PM, a maximum of seven ends may be played. If there is no game scheduled for the ice at 8:45 PM this rule is waived. Teams playing during the 2nd draw will have the option to play all 8 ends, regardless of the time.

9.     Ties will not be broken in regular season games.

10.  SLOW PLAY – In the event of slow play, a warning may be issued by the Committee. Please see OCA rules governing slow play.

11.  TEAM DUTIES – Teams will hang the game score on the ice.  At the completion of a game, the winning team is responsible for recording the results on the posted score sheet in the Drawroom.  It is not necessary to indicate scores, but simply Win/Loss.

12.  RANKING TEAMS - Teams will be ranked and seeded vertically (1 through 24) using the previous year’s standings.  Recombined teams will be ranked as per the games committee’s discretion.  Teams deemed to be “new” by the games committee will be placed in the lowest flight.

13.  AGGREGATE SCORING - There will be 4 series, played in a round robin format.  The section is divided into 4 flights of 6 teams each.  Aggregate points will be awarded based on the win/loss record of each team within each flight.  For the first series only, teams initially seeded 1 through 12 will be combined using a ladder system into two flights playing for aggregate points normally award to the B Flight (see below). Teams seeded 13 through 24 will be combined into two flights playing for aggregate points normally awarded to the C Flight (see below).  At the completion of the first series, the teams will be re-seeded as follows:

B Point Flights:

-top three teams in each flight will be placed in A

-next two teams in each flight will be placed in B

-bottom team in each flight will be placed in C

C Point Flights:

-top team in each flight will be placed in B

-next two teams in each flight will be placed in C

-bottom three teams in each flight will be placed in D

For the remaining 3 series, teams will receive aggregate points as detailed below. At the end of each six-week round robin, teams will be ranked and moved to other flights based on a two-up, two-down format:


Flight A

Flight B

Flight C

Flight D










































At the end of any series, aggregate points for the teams that are tied for a position in the standings, will be averaged among those teams involved in the tie.

14.  TIE-BREAKING - Ties within each flight will be broken by the following criteria (for the purposes of ranking the teams 1-6):

i)      Head-to-head results between the teams involved in a tie;

ii)    Teams' series shootout scores;

iii)   Skips' shootout score;

iv)   Failing one of the above, a coin toss by the Drawmaster.


15.   SHOOTOUT – Once during every series (i.e., 4 times per season), each team will execute a shootout for use as a tie-breaking measure as necessary. The shootout shall be done at the completion of a late game on a Wednesday, and not necessarily in conjunction with the opposing team.  The shootout must be completed as a team.  Each curler (spares included if being used that evening) will throw one draw to the button, with sweeping. Three person teams can select one player to throw 2 rocks in order to complete the shoot out.  A shootout scoresheet will be posted in the Drawroom.  Teams will record their individual scores and calculate their cumulative score on the scoresheet.  The drawmaster will remove the scoresheet on the Thursday following the final game of each series.  Shootout scores that are not recorded prior to the removal of the scoresheet will receive a score of 0 for that series. Points are as follows:

Outside of the rings -             0                        Biting the 12-foot             -            1 point

Full 12-foot                        -            2 pts                        Biting the 8-foot            -            3pts

Full 8-foot                        -            4pts                        Biting the 4-foot            -            5pts

Full 4-foot                        -            6pts                        Biting the button            -            7pts

Covering the pinhole of the button – 8pts

16.  RE-SCHEDULING OF GAMES – Teams will play according to the Drawmaster’s schedule. If both skips agree, games may be re-scheduled, subject to ice availability as requested through the club office. Re-scheduled games must be played before the last night of the Series in which the original game was scheduled.  The team requesting the re-scheduling must forfeit the match by default if the game is not played.

17.  PLAYOFF POSITIONS - Aggregate totals at the end of the four (4) series will determine team standings for playoff positions. (Ties in the aggregate standings at the end of the season will be broken by the criteria stated in Rule 14 using cumulative shootout scores).

18.  PRIZE  FUND - Each member of the section will be billed by the office for the Section prize fund in the amount of $30.00.

19.  INTERPRETATION OF THE RULES – The High Park Club relies on all members of the Section to act fairly, and within the spirit of the game, as well as within the letter of these Section rules and the High Park Club guidelines.

If two skips cannot agree in an instance of a forfeit or any other interpretation of these rules, the skip who wishes a ruling must contact the Drawmaster at the time of the incident, or as soon afterwards as is realistically possible.  The Drawmaster will discuss the situation with the other skip involved, and the Committee will issue a ruling as soon as possible.


Updated September 10, 2018