Women's Playoff Rules


Women's Playoff Rules


All games are played in accordance with the current rules of the Ontario Curling Association.

The top 16 teams will be in the Main Event.  It will be double knockout.  Remaining 8 teams will be in the Fifth Event which is single knockout.

1.  Each team shall consist of four curlers.  A team may play a game with three curlers but at least two original team members must be present to make a game official.

2.  Sparing Policy:

**All spares eligibility must be confirmed with the committee prior to the start of the game.  Failure to do so could result in a default. **

For the playoffs, spares must be members of the High Park Club, excluding House Members.  If the spare is not ranked in our section and plays vice or skip (backend) in any other competitive section (Sunday or Tuesday), the spare can only play vice or skip (backend). If the spare only plays in mixed social or day women, they are not ranked and can play in any position.

A regular team member’s position may not be moved down to accommodate a spare.

In the event of an ineligible spare in a playoff game, the offending team will be assessed a default.  If the spare is determined to be ineligible before the start of the playoff game, the team may curl with three players.

Fifth Members:

A fifth member can play in any position on their own team.  Fifth members of teams will be ranked as frontend or backend and may spare for any other team during the playoffs. The rankings will be determined by the committee however, each skip will provide a recommended ranking for their fifth member.

3.  For the first draw, teams are to be on the ice, ready to start at 6:40 and the late draw should be ready to start at 8:50 (or if ice is unavailable, within 5 minutes of ice being ready). Teams must be iced by 7:10 (or within 30 minutes after ice is available on the late draw) or the game will be defaulted.  In the event that a team is 10 minutes late, they will forfeit 1 point, the first end and the last rock in the second end.  If a team is 20 minutes late, they forfeit 2 points, the first and second ends and last rock in the third end.

4.  A late curler who arrives at any point during the game can participate in the game (delivering rocks or sweeping) at the start of the next end.

5.  There are no time rules for any playoff games.  All playoff games will be eight (8) ends if necessary. 

6.  Ties will be broken with a full end back towards the glass.  Play continues until the tie is broken.

7.  Vices are responsible for recording win/loss after each draw.

8. The team with the higher seed will have the choice of hammer or colour for all games. At the final playoff game, the team with the hammer will have the first five (5) minute practice and the team without the hammer begins practice immediately following. The teams will be piped on to the ice according to the schedule.

9.  Any team that is unable to play will default and must inform the committee prior to the scheduled game.

10.  Only teams playing in the finals will be eligible for prizes.

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