In 2007 the club under took to create a long term asset replacement/ club modernization program. The club’s President Mike Adams asked Al White to expand on the initial undertakings of previous Boards to create a very detailed twenty year asset replacement spreadsheet. 

While Al was proceeding with this work Mike engaged the architectural firm ERA to make recommendations on how best to renovate the club’s one hundred year old facility. Members were interviewed, surveys were taken and drawings were developed. The cost of these changes were estimated and then added to Al’s master spreadsheet.

Around the same time the club engaged the firm Finn & Associates to do an energy audit of the facility. This study was undertaken in order to identify the work required to make the club as energy efficient as possible. These recommendations were then added to Al’s spreadsheet and the “master plan” was born.

With the addition of the recommendations by ERA and Finn the plan now contained over one hundred detailed projects. There were cost estimates for each project as well as timelines showing cash flows and the financing required. It essence, it contained everything a master plan should. The final version of the 1.2 million dollar club modernization program was discussed and approved by the club’s Board of Directors in June 2008.

In May of 2009 the Federal and Provincial governments introduced a stimulus package to keep Canadians working and to help re-build Canada’s aging infrastructure at the same time. Under this program Club President Neill MacMillan and Al White submitted an application that basically reflected the club’s master plan. Their proposal was accepted in July/2009 and for the past two years the club has been very busy executing a twenty year plan in less than twenty four months. We think we did a pretty good job. Check out the video to see for yourself.

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