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Health and Safety Protocols for a Return to Curling High Park Club Fall 2021


A word from the Covid Emergency Response Committee Chair:

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome our curling members back to the Club for an exciting new year of curling. Furthermore, we would like to thank all members who donated their time, resources, and Emergency Relief Fund & capital contributions to keep the Club viable during the pandemic. The Board of Directors and Club Management are working to keep a return to curling safe for all members. The new HVAC system is a game changer in improving indoor air quality in the Club. While it is not yet operational, we expect it will be up and running by the beginning of the curling season. The staff have implemented a strict cleaning policy for sanitizing high touch areas, rocks, and other surfaces before and after each draw in the Club for your health and safety. The Club has also invested in multiple hand sanitizing stations to facilitate a clean environment for you to enjoy.
The Covid Emergency Response Committee (CERC), on behalf of the Board and along with Club Management, have spent a lot of time on the following return to curling health and safety protocols. We all have been living with this pandemic and want to stress that the underlying theme within these protocols is common sense and respect.
Please respect each other’s social distance, wear masks when required, wash or sanitize your hands often, and don’t come to the Club if you have symptoms or have been told to self-isolate. We all know that Covid is ever-changing and these protocols may evolve over the season as case numbers and other factors change with the pandemic. The Board, in consultation with the CERC and Club Management, will review these changes on an ongoing basis and will make adjustments to these protocols to protect the health and safety of members, staff and the Club in general.
We are excited to welcome you back to the Club. Have a safe and fun curling season!

Stu Sankey
Chair, HPC Covid Emergency Response Committee on behalf of the HPC Board of Directors


Fall 2021 Protocols

The precautions and protocols below are derived from recommendations of the HPC CERC and meet or exceed Covid prevention guidance by the Ontario government.
HPC is implementing 4 major avenues of precautions to minimize Covid risk:
●      Ventilation and air purification to minimize airborne transmission
●      Masking and distancing to minimize droplet transmission
●      Surface disinfection and hand-sanitizing stations to minimize transmission by physical contact
●      Vaccination requirement to reduce infection rate, transmission by infected individuals, and health risk of Covid infection.

General Precautions

●      At a minimum, all provincial health restrictions and advisories will be adhered to.
●      All members, staff, and other visitors attending the Club must demonstrate proof of full vaccination, with the exception of those not eligible for vaccination due to a medical exemption.
  • Participants with a medical exemption must show a doctor’s note.
  • Children who are not eligible to be vaccinated are not allowed in the Club. Guardians of children who are eligible to be vaccinated must demonstrate proof of full vaccination of the child, subject to the same exemptions cited above.
●      Masks must be worn while inside the building except where specifically noted.
●      Distancing of 2 metres or more must be observed both on and off the ice except where specifically noted.
●      Members are advised to wash or sanitize hands often.
●      All members must electronically sign two documents before their first visit:
  • Release of Liability, Waiver of Claims and Indemnity Agreement for members 18 years of age or older
  • Informed Consent and Assumption of Risk Agreement for members younger than 18
  • COVID-19 Declaration of Compliance for all members.
●      Members, staff, and other visitors are required to complete a check in on each visit to the Club for contact tracing.
  • A tablet will be available at the south end of the bar for members to complete an electronic check-in. Alternative check-in methods will be available for those without smart-devices.
  • Unique QR codes will be sent to all members. These codes must be scanned upon arrival at the Club using the tablet mentioned above.

Fifth & sixth team members and spectators

Accommodation of fifth and sixth team members and spectators that are members (member spectators) is guided by the same principles and basic protocols as other aspects of Club use. While large numbers are not advisable, some member spectators can be reasonably accommodated with appropriate protocols, as described below:
●      All member spectators shall register and scan in with the unique QR code information described above as member players upon entry to the Club
  • Fifth and sixth team members may come down to watch their team play or rotate onto the ice during play
  • Member spectators shall be limited to the allowed capacity for the Club, as determined by the Club manager
●      These groups may watch games and should occupy whichever floor is not being used by an active draw during play. They may join their teams post-game but should not sit with their teams post-game unless there is an empty seat available at the table (ie a maximum of 8 occupied seats per table). The Club will set up a Table 6 upstairs in the corner and a Table 6 in the lounge to support the overflow of member spectators as required.
  • All protocols are contingent on prevailing pandemic conditions and may change as required by law or as recommended by the CERC and approved by the Board of Directors

Moving through the Club

●      Please arrive no more than 60 minutes prior to your scheduled game time.
●      Use either the north or west patio entrance to enter the Club.
●      Proceed immediately to the main floor bar to check-in, and then to your designated level or locker room.
●      Use the ice entrance closest to your sheet to enter the ice shed.

Locker rooms

●      Locker rooms will be open for use once the new HVAC system is operational.
●      Masks are mandatory in the locker rooms.
●      Time spent in locker rooms should be short. Please change and exit without loitering.

Pre- and post-game Club use

●      In order to maximize physical distancing in the building, draws will alternate using the main floor lounge and second floor dining room for their pre-game meals/drinks, warm-up, and post-game socializing.
●      The following draws will use the second floor dining room for pre-game meals/drinks, warm-up, and post-game socializing.
  • Mon Men - 6:30pm
  • Tue Day Open - 10:00am
  • Tue Mixed - 6:30pm
  • Wed Day Men - 10:30am
  • Wed Women - 6:30pm
  • Thu AM Ladies - 10:00am
  • Thu Men - 6:30pm
  • Fri Social - 7:00pm
  • Sat Social - 6:30pm
  • Sun Open - 5:00pm
●      The following draws will use the main floor lounge for pre-game meals/drinks, warm-up, and post-game socializing.
  • Mon Teachers - 3:30pm
  • Mon Men - 9:00pm
  • Tue Day Open - 12:30pm
  • Tue Mixed - 9:00pm
  • Wed Day Men - 1:00pm
  • Wed Women - 9:00pm
  • Thu PM Ladies - 12:30pm
  • Thu Men - 9:00pm
  • Fri Social - 4:30pm
  • Fri Social - 9:30pm
  • Sat Social - 9:00pm
  • Sun Juniors - 10:00am
  • Sun Rec - 1:30pm
  • Sun Open - 7:30pm
●      The following draws must vacate the Club by the time indicated below in order to create space for the draw coming on after them.
  • Mon Teachers - Vacate by 7:30pm
  • Friday Social (4:30pm) - Vacate by 8:00pm
  • Sunday Juniors - Vacate by 12:30pm
  • Sunday Rec League - Vacate by 6:00pm
●      Do not move tables
  • Table placement is designed, in keeping with air-flow analysis by the CERC Health Sciences and Engineering teams, to minimize droplet transmission and to maximize benefit of the upgraded HVAC system.

Meals and drinks

●      Drinks can be ordered at the main floor bar and meals can be ordered at the kitchen, as usual.
●      Masks must be worn and 2-metre distancing must be observed when ordering drinks or food at the bar or kitchen.
●      Drinks and food may be consumed at your designated table before and after games.
●      Masks may be removed while eating and drinking at your table but must be replaced at any time you are away from your table.
●      Avoid moving around or mingling with your food or drinks. “Anchor” yourself at a table to eat or drink.
●      Meals will be delivered to your table by kitchen staff as usual.
●      The CERC and kitchen staff are exploring options for distance ordering to reduce traffic and crowding at the bar and kitchen.

Ice shed and game play

Hand hygiene

●      Please exercise good hand hygiene in the ice shed.
●      Your nose will run more in the cold of the ice shed, and this will increase your tendency to spread virus by hand contact.
  • Avoid touching others.
■      Instead of pre- and post-game handshakes, please consider gloved fist bumps, broom taps, or head nods.
■      Instead of a shared coin or spinner, use rock-paper-scissors or evens-odds to determine hammer and rock colour.
  • Keep your hands clean by using the provided hand sanitizer. 

Entering the ice shed

●      Proceed into the ice shed through the door closest to your sheet only if all of the other games in the previous draw are complete and teams have vacated the ice shed.

Rock handles

●      Rock handles will be disinfected prior to every draw by Club staff.
  • Members may also wipe down their own rock handles as often as they like with the disinfectant wipes provided.
  • Disinfect only the plastic parts of the rocks. DO NOT wipe down any part of the rock that is made of granite, including the running and hitting bands.
●      Avoid touching other players’ rocks or equipment.

Mask use on-ice

●    Masks are strongly encouraged while curling.
  • Under provincial public health restrictions, masks are not required while engaging in athletic activity. Club Management will not be enforcing a mask mandate in the ice shed.
  • Masks are encouraged in the ice shed whenever feasible and safe. Please do not remove your mask until you have completed your pre-game broom taps and hammer decision.
  • Players are asked to use their own judgement as to whether they can play and breathe adequately while wearing a mask.
●    Two sweepers may be used.
  • Masks are strongly encouraged if using two sweepers. Teams and players should discuss their comfort level with using two sweepers prior to the season’s start.
●    Sweeping behind the tee-line is permitted.
  • Players should do what they can to remain distanced from other players while engaging in play in the house.
  • When distancing is not possible, masks are strongly encouraged.


●    Normal distancing rules apply except where specifically noted.
●    Players may move closer than 2 metres from other players as required by normal play.
o   Masks are strongly encouraged in these instances.
●    Players on the non-throwing team should retire to the appropriate distancing markers between the hog lines or to a distanced spot behind the back line.
●    Skips and vices of the non-throwing team should remain distanced from opposition players behind the back line or in the hack area unless they are actively engaged in the play.