Curling Fees


High Park Club Curling Fee Schedule
2018-2019 Curling Season


  Base Fee     

Total Fees*
(includes OCA
& HST)

MEN PRIME-TIME 2 Draws Monday Or Thursday $510 $598.84  
MIXED PRIME-TIME 2 Draws Tuesday $510 $598.84  
WOMEN PRIME-TIME 2 Draws Wednesday $510 $598.84  
SUNDAY PRIME-TIME 2 Draws Sunday $510 $598.84  
SOCIAL MIXED 2 Draws Friday $430 $508.44  
SOCIAL MIXED 2 Draws Saturday $360 $429.34  
SOCIAL MIXED 1 Draw Sunday (2:00pm) $430 $508.44  
DAY OPEN Tuesday Afternoon $230 $282.44  
DAY MEN Wednesday Afternoon $230 $282.44  
DAY WOMEN Thursday Afternoon $230 $282.44  
TEACHERS Monday Afternoon $230 $282.44  


A full-time student between 16 and 25 $320 $384.14  
2ND LEAGUE FEE To curl in a 2nd prime-time league $205 $231.65  
  To curl in a 2nd social league  $155 $175.15  
  To curl in a 2nd day league
$130 $146.90  
3RD LEAGUE FEE To curl in a 3rd prime-time league

To curl in a 3rd social or day league




$ 87.58

ADDITIONAL To curl in additional prime time leagues $102.50 $115.83  
LEAGUE FEES To curl in additional social or day leagues $ 77.50 $ 87.58  
JUNIORS Little Rocks (Sundays) $125.74 $160.00  
  Bantam/Juniors (Wednesdays) + $22.59 PF $150 $213.00  

A social membership which allows sparing 
opportunities in all leagues



A non-curling social membership
for former members
$75 $84.75  



The above fees are to curl one time per week (additional league fees are outlined above).  Members wishing to play as alternate players on a team will be assessed the full applicable section rates.

Members will be assessed league prize funds (approximately $30-35 per league) for every league they play in.  Prize fund amounts will be determined by league committees and will be charged early in the season.

A minimum food charge will be in effect for the 2018-19 curling season for all Prime-Time and Social Mixed Sections.

Association fees for 2018-19 are $18.58 (plus HST) per adult curler and $15.88 (plus HST) per junior curler.[1]

[1] Please note that at the time of this publication, Association fees have not been determined and can change based on new information from the applicable Curling Associations.


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